Sunday, October 09, 2005

Accessing the Mojo Mom podcast

Frustration abounds this Sunday morning. Our new podcast is hosted at but listeners have reported that they are having technical difficulties accessing the site. I am able to access it most of the time, but sometimes it takes so long to make the connection that my browser gives up. If you are having difficulties, my best advice is to try the link again later.

Everything was working fine when I pulled the trigger to launch my newsletter this morning. There have been problems reaching Libysn earlier in the week, which were apparently due to a skirmish between two internet service providers. In other words, it was a problem beyond Libsyn's control, but had to do with the structure of the larger internet. I thought the problems were fixed but now I'm waiting to hear back from Libsyn about what is going on.

I am working to make the podcast files available directly from as well as through and the iTunes podcast directly. I will post back on this blog when that is ready to go. Incidentally, iTunes gets my podcast's files from, so if libsyn goes down, there will be an error over at iTunes as well.

Isn't technology grand (grrrrr...!)? I apologize for all inconvenience caused by this situation.


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