Saturday, September 24, 2005

Listen to the new Mojo Mom podcast

I am excited to announce the launch of my first Mojo Mom podcast! For those of you who are new to podcasting, it's like a radio show, without the radio station. Podcast files are distributed over the internet, ususally as free subscriptions. You don't need an iPod to listen, just a computer with software that plays MP3 sound files. You can search podcast directories to find shows that meet your interests.

I am a huge radio fan, having listened to NPR for 10 hours a day for 5 years while in grad school. (My advisor kept it on in our lab--I had the choice of getting on the NPR boat or going crazy.) Doing radio interviews for Mojo Mom is a blast, and I've been itching to start my own show, creating a platform to use motherhood as a springboard to talk about life, politics, and the world. I am fortunate to be joined by my friend Sheryl Grant, who has graciously stepped in as my co-host. Sheryl is a writer, parenting magazine editor, and mother of a 4-year-old son. We met on the school playground and have developed a great frienship. The Mojo Mom podcast is a busy woman 's lifeline to the outside world. We will use motherhood as a springboard to bring you timely, intelligent discussions.

We're planning weekly half-hour shows, featuring a wide range of guest. Our first episode includes an interview with Sally Robertson, a life coach and founder of the website Stand Up Mama. Sally encourages mothers to "dare to be yourself" and provides support along the way. She is a true Mojo Mom!

You can listen to the Mojo Mom podcast by visiting or downloading the file from iTunes. Just search the iTunes podcast directory for Mojo Mom. You can subscribe through iTunes to have new shows automatically downloaded to your computer as they become available.

I am a huge fan of the iPod. This technology can bring you news and information that you really want to hear. It's not just for teens--iPod is also a Mom's best friend.


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