Saturday, October 08, 2005

Listen to the Mojo Mom Podcast

As I've ventured out into the world of mass media discussing my Mojo Mom ideas, I've learned that it's not easy to get a mother's point of view represented. Most reporters and radio personalities just don't approach stories from that angle, and most show producers are still men. So I am tapping into the power of podcasting to create my own show, the Mojo Mom Podcast. My co-host, writer Sheryl Grant, and I willl bring you intelligent talk and interviews from a Mom's point of view.

Sheryl and I use motherhood as a springboard, a jumping off point for conversation. We will produce weekly, half-hour shows. Our October 5 show features the first half of my two-part interview with Women for Women International founder Zainab Salbi.

Podcasting is a breakthrough technology that allows anyone to create their own audio program as a type of internet radio show. Shows are archived on the internet as MP3 files that are freely available. You can listen to a show at any time, on your time, not tied to a broadcast schedule. You don't need an MP3 player (iPod etc.) to listen to a podcast. You can listen through your computer or burn a CD and take it with you.

You can listen to, download, or subscribe to the Mojo Mom Podcast through our show's page at Liberated Syndication or the iTunes Music Store. The show is free either way.

I am asking you to try new technology as well as our new show, so as an incentive we will have a drawing to give away an iPod Nano MP3 player to one of our podcast listeners. The iPod Nano can hold about 500 songs, or 25 hours of podcasts. The iPod works with either a Mac or PC. You can find out how to enter the drawing by listening to an episode of our show (it is free to enter).

We will include the iPod drawing info in the shows we produce between October 5 and Nobember 6. On November 7 we'll draw a winner from all complete entries we've received.


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