Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pop culture...pirates...parents

I am having a strange pop-culture kind of day. Today I have received several funny posts about Talk Like a Pirate Day, which was yesterday.

This is what passes for repartee between myself and my husband these days, but maybe we're not hopeless. I think the ergonomic keyboard for pirates is hilarious. (Bonus points for being posted on a George Lakoff-related language log.)

Last night I needed a veg-out break, so watched the new sitcom, How I Met Your Mother which was surprisingly cute (though also pretty crude--I wouldn't watch it with a kid in the room). Alyson Hanigan's character was hit by a champagne cork and had to wear an eye patch, causing a recurring pirate joke theme. Now what I want to know is whether it's possible that a CBS sitcom would have actually planned to air this gag on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Also notable about last night's TV lineup in a "pop will eat itself" kind of way was that there were two actors from the best show ever, Freaks and Geeks, on new TV shows at the same time. Jason Segel is on How I Met Your Mother and John Francis Daley is on Kitchen Confidential.

Geoge Lakoff...Freaks and Geeks...CBS Sitcoms...Pirates...all we need is a Kevin Bacon reference to prove that everything really is related.


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