Monday, May 04, 2009

Mojo Mom chapter summaries: What can my book do for you?

With the new Mojo Mom book release in full swing, I want to reach out to new and longtime blog readers to tell you more about what my book can do for you. Last month I blogged about finding "my peeps," other writers whose work really resonated with me. In that post I wrote a list "Mojo Mom may be just right for you if...." which I thought was an interesting idea to continue exploring.

So this week I am going to tell you more about the new book by posting ten short chapter summaries, two each day. I will tell you more about what each chapter can do for you, and I will include links to the recommended resources on each topic.

You can tell I used to be a teacher....put it all together and you'd have a "Mojo Mom 101" curriculum. I loved teaching, and it feels great to be able to channel my teaching mojo into a new direction. I have also reflected a lot lately on how much I love and adore books. Not just information, but real live (non-Kindle) books themselves. I interact with books intensively as physical objects as part of my learning and memory process.

I spent the weekend putting my Mojo Mom resources in order on my shelf, and also collecting all the books that don't have a place yet. I have seven banker's boxes over my limit of what I can store without having piles of books on every surface throughout my house, which explains some of my feelings of being overwhelmed lately.

In any case, from my bookshelf to your brain, the first Mojo Mom chapter summary will be along shortly. Enjoy!

***I'll add the links to each chapter summary as the posts develop***

Mojo Mom Chapter 1: A Mother is Born

Mojo Mom Chapter 2: Life Inside the Cocoon, the Early Months of Motherhood

Mojo Mom Chapter 3: Banking the Embers of Your Build a Bonfire Later

Mojo Mom Chapter 4: Am I Just Being Selfish? Letting Go of Guilt, Worry, and Anxiety

Mojo Mom Chapter 5: Centering, Silence, and Reclaiming Your Mind Space

Mojo Mom Chapter 6: Express Yourself

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Blogger Florinda said...

Just wanted to let you know that I've posted a review of MOJO MOM on my blog today, and included a link to this chapter-summaries post as additional info.

8:31 AM  
Blogger MojoMom said...

Hi Florinda, thanks so much for your supportive review of the new Mojo Mom. I really appreciate it!

I am busy writing the next chapter summary so keep checking back.

8:37 AM  

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