Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mojo Mom Chapter 5: Centering, Silence, and Reclaiming Your Mind Space

The chapter on Centering, Silence, and Reclaiming Your Mind Space is really speaking to me right now. After finishing writing Mojo Mom, my mind has sought a quiet refuge, and new ways of resting and recovering. I have turned off the news more than usual (a big step for me as a public radio SuperFan), and my mind has been looking for different outlets, something not so tied up with language, whether it's writing, reading or listening. This is a bit sad since those are my great pleasures in life, but too much of a good thing is still too much. It's time to branch out, and I am going to start taking piano lessons and dive into music as my next exploration.

This chapter and the next, Express Yourself, dovetail together in many ways. Looking at my bookshelves reminds me that I have drawn on a diverse set of resources, some of which will resonate with you and some that may not. I don't expect you to like everything I recommend, but take a look and see what interests you. Benefit from that and feel free to set the rest aside.

Dojo Wisdom for Mothers: 100 Simple Ways to Become a Calmer, Happier, More Loving Parent by Jennifer Lawler

Mommy Mantras: Affirmations and Insights to Keep You from Losing Your Mind by Bethany Casarjian and Diane Dillon

Meditation Secrets for Women by Camille Maurine and Lorin Roche

The Soft Addiction Solution by Judith Wright

The Women’s Retreat Book by Jennifer Louden

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

At the Root of This Longing by Carol Lee Flinders

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