Friday, April 17, 2009

Mojo Mom podcast with the founders of

It's been a busy week! I had a great author event last night, and we still managed to get this week's Mojo Mom Podcast produced. We took off last week because my book release schedule was too jammed, (I hope you heard me as a guest on The Manic Mommies), but we plan to bring you new shows weekly until school gets out for the summer.

I love this week's guests. I've gotten to know Cooper Munroe and Emily McKhann as organizers, writers, activists...they are Mojo Moms through and through who have been a real inspiration to me over the years. Here's this week's episode.

Listen to the podcast now:

The new edition of Mojo Mom came out last week, and Amy is back this week with guest co-host Patty Ayers to talk about her book release, as well as Patty's adventures traveling back and forth between Mexico and North Carolina.

Then Mojo Mom interviews Cooper Munroe and Emily McKhann, founders of the social networking site Amy got to know this dyamic duo when they all worked together on activism, and Cooper and Emily are interviewed in the new Chaper 10 of Mojo Mom, "Spreading Your Wings: Mothers as Leaders." is an amazing site with cool technical features, a ton of integrity and goodwill, and a heaping dose of mojo, so we hope you will stop on by and say hello.

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Anonymous Cooper Munroe said...

Amy, it was so much fun and an honor to talk with you on the Mojo Mom podcast. Your revised edition of Mojo Mom is truly magic and the most vital, thorough, thoughtful and wise resource for moms out there. I am so proud to be your friend and colleague.

6:45 PM  

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