Monday, April 06, 2009

The Double-Daring Book for Girls

It's the first day of Spring Break here in Chapel Hill (go Tar Heels tonight!). Anyone else already hearing, "Mom, I'm bored"?

We're home this week because I am busy with my book release. So wouldn't you know that this is the first year my daughter has been acutely aware of "Spring Break"? Bad timing--she's pretty bummed out that I am working all week long.

But, just in time, I've found something to vanquish our spring break blues--The Double-Daring Book for Girls, sequel to the fun bestseller The Daring Book for Girls.

The books (Girls and Boys versions) have tons of activities to keep kids busy exploring classic activities, from making pinatas, to slumber party fun. (Both series are nostalgic, but for me the Boys books feel more old school, like Rudyard Kidpling or Teddy Roosevelt, while the Girls books have more of a Dynamite Magazine, Judy Blume, classic 1970's vibe--right up my alley).

Authors Miriam Peskowitz and Andi Buchanan are accomplished writers in their own rights, and they are the perfect women to write the handbook for the next generation of girls.

Let me know which activities your kids enjoy the most!

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