Friday, March 27, 2009

The end of my monkey mind's blogging rebellion

Since I've finished my book, my mind has felt a little like a fizzy bottle of soda with the top popped off. My mind has been racing, undisciplined, and rebellious. After months of being focused on my writing, I kind of wanted to slack off for a few days.

I've felt guilty about not blogging every day. I've had ideas pile up that I just didn't get around to crafting into posts. But now my writing mojo is back, and my desire to connect and share is warming up again. So I hope and plan to be here every day (Monday through Friday, let's be realistic!) through Mother's Day, as a goal.

We've been working hard behind the scenes, and I'll have lot to report in the next few weeks as I celebrate my book release on April 7.

Thanks for hanging in there through my blogging dry spell and I promise to do my best to bring you good intel!

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