Saturday, April 04, 2009

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I've decided to jump in and join Twitter. I have lots of news to share this month, and once I started thinking about Twitter as "micro-blogging" rather than "navel gazing" it started to make sense to give it a try.

I love sharing links, for one thing, and Twitter allows me to post cool things I've found that I don't have time to develop into a full blog post.

I am concerned that my online life is getting fragmented as I keep blogging and podcasting and now do Facebook and Twitter as well, but I am trying to juggle all those tasks while remaining committed to this blog! (If you are wondering why I am linking to my own blog here it's because lately my blog has been scraped and reposted quite a bit.)

So here's my current online profile. In addition to the information I provide on this blog and, you can find new insights shared daily:

Follow Mojo Mom on Twitter

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(you can also subscribe via iTunes--see the link to iTunes on my blog page).

I'd love it if you'd become a fan of the Mojo Mom Page on Facebook--home of free giveaways.

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