Monday, March 16, 2009

Mojo Mom is in this week's Publishers Weekly

Has Facebook made me a lazy blogger? Probably a little bit. It's easy, and useful, to post interesting links to my Mojo Mom Page on Facebook. But I want to make sure I keep up the blog, too!

So here's a blog mention of some really good news for the new Mojo Mom, which comes out in three weeks. The book was mentioned in this week's Publishers Weekly, the industry magazine that publishers, authors, and booksellers read. I was interviewed for Sarah Robbins' feature on "Straight Talk Parenting" spring book releases:

Gotham Books will offer an exploration of women's lifelong relationships with work by a neuroscientist and teacher who faced a crossroads after becoming a mother: β€œI didn't realize it was going to be an identity crisis for me, leaving behind a career, even for a short period of time,” says Amy Tiemann. She says that Mojo Mom: Nurturing Yourself While Raising a Family is the guide she wished she had. β€œIt's about giving yourself permission to take the time to explore new things and figure out which parts you want to hold on to,” she says.

This is a really big deal for me--it feels amazing to make it into the main industry publication. Gotham Books has been so supportive and active in getting me out there in April and May. A book release has almost become like a movie release: you have about two months to prove yourself rather than one opening weekend, but the book will be largely judged by how well it sells through Mother's Day. So I will be asking my fans to buy the new book in April and May. I've poured my heart into it and I think it turned out really well.

Stay tuned for more developments...and more regular blogging this week. I still have a stack of links on Moms and work a mile high I should be writing on.

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Blogger Kimberly Simmons said...

There is definitely too much work and ideas to keep up with... and I appreciate that your work focuses on mothers/women and not on kids, but in case you have the interest I think you'd be a great advocacate for the work of the Campaign for a Commerical Free Childhood and particularly the loathsome sexing-up of Dora!

8:56 AM  

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