Friday, February 27, 2009

Mojo Mom Podcast with Neat Freak Perri Kersh

Here's this week's episode of The Mojo Mom Podcast with guest "Neat Freak" Perri Kersh:

A few weeks ago, Sheryl was one of the first people to notice the YouTube video, David After Dentist, which has now been viewed over 13 million times! This week Amy & Sheryl discuss how our private lives go public, and viral videos take on lives of their own online, as evidenced by the profanity-laden mashup, Christian Bale Takes David to the Dentist.

Then Mojo Mom talks to professional organizer Perri Kersh. Perri's many interests seem to converge in new ways during this recession: she is Neat Freak Professional Organizer, author of the blog Enough is Enough, a founder of the Giving Party, and an expert on Fine Living Network's show Time Makeover. Perri and Amy talk about making the most of what we already have--relationships, values, and priorities as well as time and possessions.

Listen to the podcast now:

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