Friday, October 10, 2008

Employed Moms--your response has been amazing!

I've heard from dozens of employed Moms since I posted my request for your stories and advice on Wednesday. My inbox filled up with the most thoughtful, heartfelt emails within hours of my inquiry. I am so moved by your sharing, and the idea you would drop what they were doing to take the time to write about your experience. It reaffirms the power of telling our stories. As one Mom wrote, What a relief to say all this out loud! Okay, not so out loud. But still, I think that’s why your work is so important in my view. How many of us actually get the chance to say it all out loud?

I have walked the path of being at at-home Mom for three years and then becoming a full-time writer when my daughter unexpectedly ended up in full-day preschool rather than half-day (she would take an afternoon nap at school but not at home).

So I have a good personal understanding of the early transformations of motherhood from a SAHM perpective, and the preschool years and beyond as a working Mom. In the new edition of Mojo Mom I am trying to close the gap between Moms. Motherhood is rewarding and difficult for each of us, in our own way. I felt a bit of a mental block when it came to writing about going back to work after a short maternity leave--I felt a little presumptuous trying to explain it since I hadn't experienced it myself. Looks like I still had my own mental gap to close.

But I decided that I had to get over that block, and the solution was to turn to you, my readers, and ask you to share your wisdom and experiences. Thank you so much for your contributions. I hope that I can tap into my own mojo and journalistic expertise to do justice to your stories.

You'll see the results in the new book!

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