Monday, October 06, 2008

Mojo Mom Podcast with The Op-Ed Project

We're back on track with podcast production. This week Sheryl and I have a spirited discussion about overwhelmed Moms and the crucial need for mindful living after watching the Oprah episode with the remorseful Mom who had accidentally left her two-year old in a hot car, leading to her daughter's tragic death.

Then I talk to Katie Ornestein, the founder of The Op-Ed Project a highly successful training program that teaches women how to join the public dialogue through Op-Ed writing and other platforms.

We are faced with unsettled times and it's more important than ever that you make your voice heard. Katie can help you get started.

Listen to the podcast now:

This week's show notes:

Amy and Sheryl have a lot to talk about after viewing the Oprah episode from October 1 about overwhelmed Moms. It was a wake-up call to remind us that living mindfully is a worthy priority.

Then Amy talks to Catherine Orenstein, founder of The Op-Ed Project. She wants to change the fact that op-ed pages and airwaves are overwhelmingly dominated by men. Through her workshops, Katie teaches women the skills and strategies needed to join the public conversation. A timely topic in a month full of fast-moving news and an impending election

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