Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Gas shortage reaches Chapel Hill

We've watched the gas shortage spread throughout the Southeast, and it has reached Chapel Hill. I was out and about early this morning for a field trip dropoff, and I decided to fill up my one-third-full gas tank.

To my surprise, the first four gas stations I passed near East Franklin Street and Estes Drive were completely out with the pumps covered up. Three were BP stations and one was a Kangaroo. I finally found an Exxon station open. I still hate patronizing Exxon (never forgave them for the Valdez spill) but I figured I couldn't afford to be picky today.

I was out early, about 7:30 am, so it is possible the other stations will get replenished today, but I thought it was notable to find them empty since I have never seen that before.

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Blogger High Heeled Mama said...

It's been crazy here in Atlanta for the last two weeks. Hopefully it won't get that bad for you all.

1:25 PM  

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