Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Calling all employed Moms--your input is needed for the new Mojo Mom

As you may remember, Gotham Books will be publishing a revised and updated edition of Mojo Mom: Nurturing Your Self While Raising a Family next spring.

When I wrote the original book, most of the women I interviewed were employed Moms, but at the time, I was personally coming off several years of being out of the workforce. Now that I have the chance to write a new edition of Mojo Mom I would like to make sure that my writing is even more inclusive of the working Mom perspective and experience. I would love to get your input!

I am focusing on the challenges and benefits of the back-to-work transition, and I invite you to answer the following questions by email, and possibly a follow-up phone interview, to share your perspective in the new "Mojo Mom."

You can get the conversation started by leaving a comment on my blog, or email me at (Comments work best for short responses, email if you really get into writing.) The deadline for me to consider input is October 15, but sooner is better!

Please be brief but as specific as possible in your responses.

(If you respond by email, please provide the personal information, but don't leave it as a blog comment, to protect your privacy.)
Please tell me your name:
Job title:
Number of kids, gender, and ages:
Phone number for follow up, if necessary:

How long was your maternity leave, and was it paid, unpaid, FMLA mandated?:

One theme of "Mojo Mom" is sharing information you wished you had, but didn't know ahead of time. Is there any "If only I had known...." wisdom you'd like to share with other Moms?

What were the biggest challenges of going back to work?

What were the most significant benefits (personally as well as professionally)?

What kinds of support, at work and home, were key to making it happen?

Is there support you didn't get that would have been extremely helpful?

Did you experience an identity crisis after becoming a Mom? What did it feel like for you?

What is the most important thing you do for yourself? In other words, what aspect of self-care is so important that you make it a top priority? (For example, I know I'll be okay if I can just make sure that I exercise, eat well, or know that I'll be getting together with a friend on Friday.)

Is there anything else you want to share with other women going through the transitions of motherhood?

Thank you so much for your input!

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