Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Last chance to get Mojo Mom, the original edition

I am writing like crazy this week but I don't know how much I'll be able to blog. My priorities are, #1 book revisions, #2 podcast, #3 blog.

...and if I make significant progress on #1 and 2 I will consider this week a success.

I wanted to get the word out that if you want to get the original, first edition of Mojo Mom you should order one as soon as possible. I'll direct you to as the easiest option.

The original book is going out of print and will be replaced by a brand new edition next spring, in time for Mother's Day 2009. The new edition from Gotham Books will be extensively revised and updated. The new book will be bigger and better than before, featuring writing from my blog and the latest developments in the motherhood movement. It really will be a new book. At the same time, I still stand by the original Mojo Mom and I'll always have a soft spot for it in my heart!

Thanks for the support that all my book and blog readers have given me. That's what has gotten me this far!

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