Thursday, June 05, 2008

MomsRising asks, "Get Sneezed on Much?"

Check out's new, wacky, addictive, nation-changing, sneezing nose game, "Don't Get Sick"

Paid sick leave is key for all workers, and yet nearly 50% of private-sector workers--and almost 80% of all service sector employees--don't have a single paid sick day. It's ridiculous. No one should have to work sick, or risk losing their job or needed pay because they get sick, and kids shouldn't have to stay home alone while they're sick.

Even if you personally have paid sick leave, just remember that someone else's lack of sick leave could lead to your next illness. Last April, over 430 people became sick after eating at a Chipotle restaurant in Ohio, from a Norovirus suspected to originate from a sick employee.

Paid sick leave is compassionate common sense that helps keep everybody healthy. Won't you help MomsRising make it a reality for all workers?

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