Monday, April 21, 2008

New podcast with Deborah Siegel: Feminism Across Generations

My recent Women's eNews commentary has drawn attention from many women, including Linda Hirshman writing on, and even a letter from Gloria Steinem herself.

This morning Deborah Siegel and I recorded a new Mojo Mom Podcast episode that discusses the origins of the generation gap between feminists, and the possibility for all of us to work together on common ground in the future.

Deborah is a bridge builder! I love her perspective and she has a great deal to add to this conversation. She is working with a transgenerational panel in her women girls ladies initiative, speaking at colleges across the country.

Listen in to our hot-off-the-presses Mojo Mom Podcast on Feminism Across Generations. And Gloria and Linda, I am extending an open invitation for you to come on the show as well.

I will be writing more in response to the letters I have received on my Women's eNews commentary, so stay tuned.

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