Thursday, April 10, 2008

North Carolina -- Register to vote!

I am doing my part to get people registered to vote here in North Carolina. The deadline for regular voter registration is tomorrow, Friday, April 10.

If you wonder whether you are already registered, the NC State Board of Elections website will let you look up your status.

If you want to vote in the Democratic primary, you must be registered as "Democratic" or "Unaffiliated." You can change your affiliation now, by mailing in forms postmarked by Friday. (In North Carolina, unaffiliated voters may request a Democratic or Republican ballot when they vote.)

You can download the voter registration form here, from the NC State Board of elections.

We have one-stop registration and voting later in the month BUT make sure you know this, "Registered voters may also update their address and change vital information in an existing registration record at the One Stop Site, but they are not allowed to change their party affiliation during the One Stop Voting period that precedes a partisan primary."

So I encourage you to double check to make sure that you are registered properly by tomorrow.

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