Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mojo Mom's commentary on Women's eNews

I'm pretty excited today because I've written a political commentary for Women's eNews, an online news service providing professional coverage on a wide variety of issues affecting women's lives.

My piece, featured as "Today's Story," is called Obama v. Clinton Puts Stretch Marks on Sisterhood.

As a Gen Xer, I feel sandwiched between two powerful generational juggernauts. I am still not sure whether our ultimate generational fate is to play referee between the Boomers and their Gen Y children, or choose sides ourselves.

In my commentary I argue that it's time to extend a welcoming hand rather than a slap in the face to younger leaders, even if we don't always agree on every issue across generational lines. In the Obama-Clinton debate, I feel the choice to support Obama has been unfairly dismissed and disrespected by Boomer feminists.

I hope you'll read the commentary and let me know what you think. Women's eNews doesn't have reader comments on the piece, so feel free to share your thoughts here.

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Blogger PunditMom said...

I read it after the e-newsletter arrived in my inbox! It is a wonderful piece!

9:41 AM  
Blogger WordyDoodles said...

I loved it. You continue to really hit the nail on the head on this issue, and I'm glad you're POV is getting out there! I linked the article and your blog to mine.

11:17 AM  
Blogger Renee said...

I really enjoyed your article on April 15 in the Women's eNews. I feel like I can relate to it even though I am in my 60's. Incidentally, I am Deborah Siegel's mom and missed seeing a reference to her book "Sisterhood Interrupted: From Radical Women to Grrls Gone Wild" which relates directly to your topic. I urge readers to check it out and not just because I'm her mom!! Renee

11:17 AM  

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