Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Join me for a Girls' Night Out on Feb. 24

If you are in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, I hope you'll join me on the February 24 for a Girls' Night Out at Nordstrom (Streets of Southpoint) to benefit Girls on the Run of the Triangle.

I'm the guest speaker and will do a book signing at this event to benefit a worthy organization. Girls on the Run uses the power of running to change the way girls see themselves and their opportunities, connecting a healthy lifestyle with a strong sense of self.

I will give a short talk sharing my strategies designed to get your mojo revved up for spring. There are many connections between Girls on the Run and Mojo Mom. After all, what they are doing for girls, I am trying to do for Moms through my work.

Event details:

On February 24, Nordstrom will open the store at 7:30 pm just for us for this special event -- the closest we'll get to "Night at the Museum" for Moms! (You certainly don't have to be a Mom to come, but it is being marketed as a Girls' Night Out. I had to tell my Dad that even though he's a proud Papa, this wasn't the event for him.)

Nordstrom donates staff time and refreshments, so your ticket purchase goes to benefit Girls on the Run.

Knowing the cool women who are already planning to attend, I daresay that this will be a good networking event as well as a fun party.

Tickets are $30 each and the entire ticket price goes to benefit Girls on the Run of the Triangle. I will also be donating 20% of book sales that evening to support the cause. You can buy tickets online now.

There are more than 120 Girls on the Run councils in the United States and Canada, so visit the Girls on the Run International website to learn more.

Getting to know GOTR has given me new respect my own sport. I am an avid tennis player, but it's always seemed like a bit of a guilty indulgence to me. Now I have come to see that it is a chance for fun, a healthy activity, and really my best chance for meditation all rolled into one. The ball tells you whether you are in the moment with each stroke.

What role do sports play in your life? Do you keep up the games you played as a girl? If you do play a sport, what does it mean to you? If you don't, do you wish you could get involved?

I wish "Soccer Moms" meant Moms playing soccer rather than just organizing the games for kids. How can we get on the field as well? I'd love to hear your ideas.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to find a women's soccer league! I played on a 26 and over league back in NY and haven't really found one here.

I love playing the game with other women...ones who have the common belief that we're there for fun and all "have to go to work" tomorrow! In other words, competitive with respect of others.

Anyway, I love your blog and your philosophies on being a mom. Mojo Mom helped me put so much in perspective.

11:11 AM  

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