Sunday, February 03, 2008

Got inspiration? 'Yes We Can'

It's been an interesting process to decide how political to be on the Mojo Mom blog. In 2004 my blog was still new, and while I wrote a "get out the vote" post, that was bout it.

This year I am not going to sit on the sidelines. I am proud to endorse Barack Obama for President. The Democratic party is blessed with two qualified candidates, but only Senator Obama inspires the kind of excitement for change that could have produced a supporter-generated video like the following, the "Yes We Can" song by of the Black Eyed Peas.

All respectful opinions will be welcome on this blog, even if I do not agree with you. I will be writing about the election from time to time here on Mojo Mom. If it starts to overwhelm my entire train of thought I'll post to my MotherVoice08 blog.

I have a great deal of respect for Hillary Clinton, but for me the Dynasty problem is impossible to overcome when I have such a promising, visionary choice in Obama. All new 18-year old voters have only known a Bush or Clinton in the White House in their lifetimes. I embrace the argument that it's time to look ahead rather than back to the 1990's.

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Blogger Amy S. said...

What a beautiful and inspirational video. Loved it...thanks for sharing!

5:39 PM  
Blogger m3ggiesue said...

Loved this video. Love Obama. In fact, I have been an Obama supporter from the moment I read about him many months ago.

But now the seeds of doubt have been planted. Especially after watching this video. We are clinging to so much hope, so much character, but so little detail. For all his lofty rhetoric and ideals of hope and change, I am now facing the stark reality that Obama really doesn't have any experience (and I'm not contrasting his to Hillary's "experience" as first lady).

I have been so caught up in this thunderstorm of emotion and faith that a person with good character can change the White House that I've forgotten to step outside of myself and look at this with a critical eye. And when I do that, the thing that scares me is that our last president was elected on emotion and faith. Is this really any different?

Believe me, I want to say it is. I really truly believe in Obama's depth of judgment and his ability to surround himself with intelligent people who can get the job done. But that's all it is at this point - belief. Faith. Hope.

Are we all in a trance? Are we blindly walking into another trap?

Months and months of ardent support, and I suddenly find myself panicked. What if we're wrong?

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Ann said...

m3ggiesue has some doubts. The path to overcoming doubt is to take action - in this case, read and research more. There is nothing shallow about Sen. Obama. He has plenty of experience in what counts. No one does the job of President alone. He has to know who to being on board, how to unify, how to get things done. Read his books, research what choices he has made and why. He isn't where he is by holding on to the coattails of a spouse. But don't take my word for it - go beyond the song to unearth information. It's there. But don't forget - bringing together this country is not a task that you can find on a resume. He's already shown us more in this short time than Hillary has accomplished on her own....ever. Hillary's "experience" pales - and really, what is it anyway?

5:06 AM  

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