Friday, December 01, 2006

The Mojo Mom Podcast iPod winner is....

Today Sheryl Grant, my co-host on The Mojo Mom Podcast, drew the winning name for our iPod giveaway.

We'll be sending a 4 gigabyte iPod Nano to Jamie in Oakland, California.

Thanks to the podcast listeners who entered the drawing. We plan to give away another prize early next year. We figure, if we're going to spend money to promote our show, why not have it benefit our audience!

If you are new to podcasts and want to learn how to listen, check out our Podcast FAQ. We get down to basics, starting with the question, What is a podcast and why should I care?

Our show has been on for a year now and we are having a great time bringing you intelligent talk and guest interviews for thinking Moms. You can access all of our shows in our Mojo Mom Podcast Archive.


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