Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Good Life/Good article on laws protecting breastfeeding

I really enjoyed my interview with Jesse Dylan on The Good Life Show. They called at noon and asked me to go on early, so I am sorry if anyone tuned in at 12:30 and wondered what happened to the interview.

I am looking for the show online and I'll post a link when I find it. I am listed under "upcoming shows" but the segment hasn't migrated to "tune in now" yet.

In preparation for the interview, I looked for articles summarizing breastfeeding protections laws (and the lack thereof) across the country. I found a good summary article from Mothering, Jan-Feb 2005. The piece is about 7 pages long which shows how much laws vary across states:

Are your breasts bound by law? Believe it or not, some states do not protect public breastfeeding. Here's a look at the legal complexities of a baby's right to nurse. also has ongoing coverage of the case of Emily Gillette, the breastfeeding Mom who was kicked off her Delta Airlines flight.

Recent incidents only point out the absolute need for legal protection for public breastfeeding, as well as reasonable workplace accommodations if we are going to empower mothers to feed their children. I still can't believe we haven't accomplished this already!


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