Monday, November 27, 2006

Milestones, blogging on

I've been blogging for three years now, but in the last six months or so I've really "caught the fever." This week I reached two milestones--200 blog postings and 1500 downloads of The Mojo Mom Party Kit. These feel like real accomplishments!

To top it all off, I have been invited to contribute to the group blog at so I hope you'll check out what we have to say over there. I am excited about the run-up to 2008, and I am exploring ways that I can act to help Moms find their political voice in the next national election. is the group who has the most momentum in this area--for example, they collected 20,000 signatures on their breastfeeding rights petition last week--and they're just getting started.

I am also looking forward to staying in touch with other activists including Miriam Peskowitz, Cooper Munroe and Emily McKhann, Pundit Mom Joanne Bamberger, as well as new bloggers I am finding out about every day such as Muckraking Mom.

Thanks to Miriam P. and her Everyday Mom blog for the discussion about what Moms are being called in the political world and for the link to for the link to Muckraking Mom. While I hated the terms "soccer Mom" and "security Mom," I am a bit disappointed that we're now just boring old "married mothers with children."

What would you like us to be called? You know I'd vote for "Mojo Moms!"


Blogger PunditMom said...

MojoMom, Congratulations on the gig at MomsRising! What a great place for your voice! And thanks so much for the shout out. I really admire your work and such nice words from you mean a lot!

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Nancy Watzman said...

Hey, MojoMom, thanks from Muckraking Mom as well. Congrats!

Nancy Watzman
Muckraking Mom Because MUCK doesn't scare MOMs

6:15 PM  

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