Friday, November 03, 2006

Podcast: Mojo Mom & "Martyred Moms" film maker Elena Taurke Joseph

This week's podcast is up, featuring an interview with a fabulous woman I met at The Motherlode conference in Toronto. Here's a photo from the conference--I was happy to have a night out with MMO Founder Judy Stadtman Tucker, and this week's podcast guest Elena Taurke Joseph. (That's me, Judy and Elena in the photo, L to R.)

Elena is a clinical psychologist, mother and film maker. She says of her work, "Martyred Moms uncovers the paradox of self-sacrifice. It challenges us to upend the guilt that leads to martyrdom. It encourages us to give mothers permission to hog center stage (at least occasionally). Audiences have found it both entertaining and thought-provoking. We hope you do, too."

You can view a trailer for Martyred Moms: The Price of Sacrifice at Elena's website,

You can access the podcast with Elena as well as my February 10, 2006 archive podcast with Judy here, and don't forget to read my new Podcast FAQ if you need help getting started. Listen in this week to find out how to enter the drawing to win the iPod Nano we'll be giving away on December 1!


Anonymous Elena TaJo, UnMartyred Mom said...

Hey Amy,
I just want to say how interesting it was to talk to you. After we finished, I kept thinking about the absurd choices we talked about, and how peculiar and sad it is that we women get caught in blaming ourselves for our fate. Mistaking the real locus of control can make us miserable.

11:58 AM  

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