Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Kerry is frustrating me.

It can be hard to be a Democrat sometimes. The party largely reprents my views and values, but the inability to communicate and get elected is very frustrating. John Kerry is the poster child for this phenomenon, Al Gore having redeemed his ability to reach out with An Inconvenient Truth. Here we are just a week away from the midterm elections, with our best chance to make gains in Congress, and Kerry is going out of bounds to make things difficult for Democrats.

As far as I know, John Kerry is a good Senator, and I voted for him in the last Presidential election. But why why why does it take him two years to get a backbone, just in time to misapply it to his current situation where he, according to his own accounts, botched an attempted joke that ended up offending U. S. troops in Iraq? I don't support Bush's war policy but even I was offended by Kerry's remarks, on behalf of those who are serving.

I don't know why Kerry even tried to tell a joke. It is clearly out of his zone of competence, and now he is compounding his mistake by refusing to apologize to the soldiers. In 2004 we were falling over ourselves waiting for Kerry to repond strongly to the Swift Boat smear campaign against him. That response--which was totally called for--never came. Now that Kerry has said something boneheaded, that he really can't blame anyone else for, he's coming out swinging against Bush and refusing to aplogize. Can't he understand that it's not Bush he owes an apology to, but he does owe one?

The worst part of it is that Kerry says he is thinking about running again for President in 2008. Kerry, your time has past. Keep serving in the Senate, but it's time to make it clear that you won't be taking up space in the Presidential field in 2008.

I had to get this off my chest. I hesitated at first because #1, it's a bit off-topic from my usual postings, and #2, I felt like it was disloyal to the Democrats to say so. But then I realized that if I find myself censoring my own writing that's even more reason to speak out. That's what we all need to be willing to do these days, to speak truth to power in all its forms.

As ususal, I will look forward to a modicum of redemption in the form of Jon Stewart's reporting on The Daily Show. Stewart is like a media Rumpelstiltskin, taking the political chaff of both parties' foibles and spinning it into comedic gold.


Blogger MojoMom said...

I missed the morning news shows today, but I found this new link saying that some Democrats are pressing Kerry to issue and apology.

11:57 AM  
Blogger MojoMom said...

If you aren't too sick of hearing about the Kerry mis-step, here's good analysis from ABC, on Deconstructing Kerry.

(I am getting tired of this topic which is why I am posting here in the comments section!)

Does anyone else think that now that Kerry has started apologizing, he won't know when to stop?

9:55 AM  

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