Saturday, November 04, 2006

"Mojo Mom" rave in berniE-zine

Mojo Mom has just been reviewed in the berniE-zine holiday issue. Bernadette Geyer found that my work resonated with the challenges she faces in her busy life. Here's an excerpt from her review. I am thrilled that she chose to review my book and I am particularly pleased that she resonated with the ideas that creativity and time to think are essential for Moms.

From the berniE-zine book review section:

"As a new mother myself, I thought Amy Tiemann’s book, Mojo Mom: Nurturing Your Self While Raising a Family, would be perfect for me to review. The media is filled with images and stories of women who seem to live to be mothers, who never get upset if their little one skips a nap, who never walks out of the house without her makeup done and her child smartly dressed, who never says she enjoys spending an hour at Starbucks with a cup of coffee all by herself just staring out the window.

Amy Tiemann is the kind of mom I wish I had talked to before I had my baby. She admits: IT’S DIFFICULT! You will sometimes feel like crawling under a rock and not responding to calls from anyone. As Tiemann admits:

In the beginning, I felt that my identity was stripped down to bare essentials. I was only concerned with getting through the day with enough food and sleep to do what I absolutely needed to do.

The tips and advice in Mojo Mom are things I came to crave and demand only after months of feeling frazzled. Months of feeling like I had given up all hope of having a sense of self that wasn’t affiliated with my baby. Slowly, I began to tell my husband I needed to get out of the house two nights a week when he was putting the baby to sleep.

I began to use my baby’s nap time not as a chance to do housework “every single day”, but to take a few days a week where nap times were devoted to me doing things for myself: reading, writing, drinking a glass of wine on the patio and just staring at the sunset not thinking of anything at all."


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