Friday, November 17, 2006

Breasts On A Plane

Reading the running commentary over at about the remove-the-breastfeeding-Mom-from-the-plane incident , I was surprised that many posters are not in support of Emily Gillette. There is back and forth in reponse to a post about whether Emily was "flopping it out like Ma Kettle" and whether other people's right not to be offended trumps a Mom's right to breastfeed as she chooses.

While you are at MomsRising be sure to also read Miriam Peskowitz's wisdom on this topic.

The law in Vermont seems completely clear, in favor of Moms's rights, but we clearly have a long way to go toward enforcing our legal rights.

I wish I were more artistic becuase I'd love to make up a poster for the next Samuel L. Jackson horror movie, Breasts on a Plane. Can someone out there please make up a poster and t-shirt???? Tell me if you do!


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