Monday, November 20, 2006

Now nursing moms lose their coin, too!

I never know what I am going to end up blogging on during a given day. I was feeling burned out on the topic of breastfeeding, since I literally thought about it all day Friday after an intense meeting on Thursday as well. So I was sitting down to blog on a different topic, when I came across the news that the Sacagawea dollar coin is going to be replaced by coins featuring a revolutionary new image--dead Presidents!

This saddened me, especially given the lame explanation provided on that:

"Limited Sacagawea quantities led to too many being stashed away by collectors, reducing circulation and thus familiarity, said Rod Gillis, head of education at the American Numismatic Association in Colorado Springs, Colo."

I guess the U. S. Treasury believes that the solution not just to issue more coins, but to make them boring as well! I have always loved the Sacagawea dollar. What a resilient woman. As a teenager, she gave birth to her son during the famous expedition in which Sacagawea and her French husband accompanied Lewis & Clark on their travels. I love that a woman is on a coin, I love that a Native American is on a coin, and I love that her nursling son is depicted with her, contentedly sleeping while strapped to his mama's back.

Talk about an emblem for active traveling, nursing Moms! I am very sad that our government has decided to drop the only coin that has ever inspired me. Even Richard Nixon will now be getting a $1 coin, in 2016. Now that's a terrible trade!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a small stash of Sacagawea coins for giving to mothers around the world at international La Leche League meetings. It has been nice to share the story of this working mother from US history. She cared for her child and worked -- seamlessly integrated in ways that are hard to imagine in today's society. While Sacagawea's solutions might not work for every mother, she is an inspiration for us to transcend the models of employed parents being separated from their children for most of the day. Our society has evolved to assume that this separation is normal and optimal. Are we creative enough to provide other examples?

4:09 PM  
Blogger MojoMom said...

I am so glad to hear from you and others that I am not the only one who loves the working-nursing-Mom aspect of the Sacagawea dollar. It's a beautiful image!

4:33 PM  

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