Saturday, September 30, 2006

Funny moment in a tough week

Phew! I made it through the week. I am getting my bearings back and hope to really get back to work on Monday. My daughter had minor surgery on Wednesday, and we learned that there is no such thing as "easy" surgery. She had a little umbilical hernia repair, which went okay, but she reacted badly to the medicine that accompanied the surgery, and she broke out in hives and swelling in the recovery room. The doctors had to watch her for about four hours after she woke up, giving her multiple doses of benadryl and steroids, in addition to painkillers.

Needless to say, she was feeling grumpy and crummy that first day after we got home. But there was a moment of humor even in the toughest day. As a get-well gift, Grannie gave Little T. something she'd been eyeing at our local mall for a long time: a self-inflating whoopie cushion. It produces very realistic and exaggerated fart sounds in rapid-fire succession--a perfect match for the 7-year-old sense of humor. My daughter was really excited with this new toy and played with it all afternoon long. We were exhausted and she fell asleep around 6 pm, and I went to sleep at 8 pm that day. Well, 9 hours later, it was 3 in the morning, and when my daughter woke up from her slumber, she came into the guest room where I was sleeping to keep an eye on her, and I was the victim of a massive whoopie cushion attack as she fired it off over and over again in the general direction of my head.

It was such a long, tiring, worrisome day, and I really didn't appreciate having her wake me up in the middle of the night. At the same time, knowing that she was going to be okay, and so happy with her $2.99 whoopie cushion, it was all pretty funny--especially the next morning.


Blogger PunditMom said...

MojoMom, I'm so glad you're daughter is doing OK and recovering ... the Whoopee cushion is clearly a good sign. :) (I am not going to pass the info about an affordable Whoopee cushion on to my daughter, tho!)

9:33 AM  

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