Monday, September 18, 2006

More Spinach crisis & media critique

Though the spinach contamination story is a serious situation, I do have to add that it is pretty funny to see the media trying to come up with appropriate photos to illustrate it. This is a major news story, so it calls for major coverage, but how can you come up with a compelling visual image of spinach? This morning had photos of piles of spinach but now they've changed over to this bright yellow label that has the look of "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS" tape.

It makes me reflect once again on how many news stories are image-driven, not content driven. If you want to be famous, you really have to be unusually beautiful, thin, attractive, and all that. At one point I had a producer of a nationally-broadcast talk show interested in having me as a guest expert to discuss Mojo Mom, but he had a condition first: "Could you grow your hair out to shoulder length?" (Answer: No.)

Spinach, your moment in the spotlight has come, but where is your publicist when you need one? It's time to photoshop yourself into submission and get ready for your close-up.


Blogger PunditMom said...

Soon, there will the inappropriately dramatic theme music to go with this "scare", a la the war, and some super-catchy slogan to keep us glued to our sets like, "Showdown Spinach: The Crisis in the Grocery Aisles!!" or "Vegetarian Turning Point: Is Romaine Next?!"

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