Friday, September 22, 2006

"The Daily Show" is breaking the "More Daves than Women" rule

I am a huge fan of The Daily Show. Lord knows that with their revolving door between Jon Stewart's kingdom and The Office I am one satisfied viewer. Not only is Ed Helms now joining Daily Show alum Steve Carell on The Office, but Rob Riggle, who was great as Captain Jack from "The Booze Cruise"" is returning the favor as a new Daily Show correspondent.

But, The Daily Show urgently needs more women. Samantha Bee is wonderful, but there is only so much funny that one woman can deliver. This week I realized that The Daily Show has violated a sure indicator that women are pathetically lacking representation. Back when I was in college at Brown, we used to bemoan the fact that the larger computer science classes would contain about 7 guys named Dave and only 4 women. "More Daves than Women" became my mental shorthand for gender imbalances that had gotten out of control. I was scanning this week's Daily Show on TiVO and I came across Jon Stewart, new correspondent John Oliver, and guest Johnny Knoxville. Daily Show, you now have "More Johns than Women." Come on, give us a chance! Your show's co-creators, Madeline Smithberg and Lizz Winstead, are women! Get some funny females out there, now! Really, we're funny, I promise, and not just because we have vaginas.

Jon Stewart, I'll see you in Boston in two weeks! I love you guys but it's time to answer to Mojo Mom on this one. Your show is too funny and relevant to remain just a boys' club.


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