Monday, September 18, 2006

Mojo recharge!

I am back from the first Mojo Mom Retreat Weekend, and I am full of ideas and ready to get back to work. Putting on the weekend was work, but being away with eight friends was such a joy. My goal was to create an environment that would give each woman time to allow her mind to roam freely, to connect with others, and to truly come to rest for just a day or two. Free mind space is a genuine luxury for any busy mother.

Last week my own life felt like a spinning top that was losing momentum and was about to fall over. By getting away, unplugging from the internet, TV, and phone, I reconnected with my own center. I really and truly needed that experience right now. Now my goal is to spin more slowly, more evenly, and while staying centered as much as possible. I have been extending myself so much that this winter I am hoping to hibernate a bit, spiral inward, and get a start on my next major writing project.

Not everything was perfect this weekend, and that was okay. At least half of us had to deal with last-minute changes in plans with our spouses in order to get away. But everybody did make it. And I had to leave early on Sunday morning because my daughter hurt her neck the night before and woke up nearly unable to move. So instead of wrapping up the retreat we spent four hours in the emergency room. Thankfully, she was okay, but that was impossible to discern over the phone. It was one of those no-other-possible-decision times that a parent had to be home (Grannie was sitting for the weekend while my husband was working in Europe). Thankfully, I was less than a half hour drive away, and the women on the retreat were really understanding. They not only said "Go!" but they held their own retreat closing ceremony and cleaned up. I can't imagine a more responsible group than 8 Moms, and I truly appreciated their understanding.


Blogger PunditMom said...

I'm glad your daughter is OK. That sounds like it was pretty scary for the whole family.

Thanks for your comment on slowing down and keeping yourself from being a spinning top. That's how I feel every day, and I'm afraid it will rub off on my daughter. I want to show her a calmer mommy who can take the frustrating things more in stride. I didn't really have that example from my parents (hence my tendency to get hyper about too many things).

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