Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Off topic: Amy's Lost Theory

Okay, I know this is a departure from my usual musings about motherhood, but under the guise of allowing my blog readers to get to know me better, I am going to post my new unifying theory about the show Lost. I bet you didn't know that I am a pop-culture junkie, selectively these days, at least. If it's about The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Office, or Lost count me in.

I've posted a few times to a Lost forum but no one ever responds to me. Apparently you have to be a guy and post at least 2,000 times before you become part of the "in" crowd over there. So here I am on taking advantage of my bully pulpit. Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen has been publishing his obsessive analysis ofLost, and I am sure I am not the only one starting to worry about his mental state after reading his posts. Jeff, either call your mother or enroll in a Ph. D. program on the topic, for goodness sake.

But here's my latest idea, riffing off Jeff's article: I think there is a And Then There Were None/Ten Little Indians-type long con going on where one of the Lostaways is really the ultimate engineer of their situation (with high tech and/or supernatural help?). In Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None, a group of people is brought to a mysterious island. All have committed unpunished crimes and are killed off one by one as judgment.

On Lost, who could be the mastermind (or at least instigator)? I think Hurley is a good candidate, because you'd never suspect it and who else has a $156 million dollars to engineer the whole thing? Plus, with his bad luck, it makes sense that they've gotten in way over their heads. What if we take every joke Hurley makes and analyze it as if it were true, such as how the music on the shortwave radio could be coming from "any time"? I think that Hurley is the ultimate core connection between everybody on the island, and he signed them on to a crazy experiment that got out of control. Perhaps a high-tech, high-stakes "Fantasy Island" package sold by Alvar Hanso to the new lottery winner as a chance to escape his old life? "Mr. Rourke, de plane, de plane...crashed." That could explain the costumed performance by the Others (Mr. Friendly's beard disguise). It would be funny if the best-written show on TV turned out to be about a reality show experiment gone awry. Desmond could have been a plant from the show, added as an excuse to lure them into the hatch and stumble on the food supplies when Hurley started to get hungry for ranch dressing. I don't think Hurley intends anyone harm, and that the behind-the scenes people are using this opportunity to mess with everyone's minds and perform further psych experiments. So Hurley is conning his tribemates, and Hanso is conning Hurley.

I did a Google search and I see that others have mentioned And Then There Were None among the many literary references that can be tied in to Lost but I think the extended development of my idea is pretty original.

See what happens when the writers make us wait weeks for a new show? We'll get a new fix tonight at 9 pm. Now, back to our originally-scheduled program about motherhood....


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