Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mojo Mom Paperback; Amy Tiemann joins Club Mom Experts

There are lots of new things in store for Mojo Mom this month. As spring blooms around me here in North Carolina I am seeing my work getting ready to take off in new ways. Here's what's coming up:

Mojo Mom is coming out in paperback in April. The final books are on their way to my distributor, Independent Publishers Group who will be getting copies placed in bookstores across the country. Mojo Mom truly has a national release now, and I'd love it if you would ask your local booksellers to stock my book. The hardcover gift edition as well as the paperback edition will also be available directly from MojoMom.com.

The second development is that I have been invited to become a contributing expert at ClubMom.com, a website that offers practical resources and community disccusions for Moms across the country. Their new panel features a terrific lineup of experts to provide you with the latest information and tips. Contributors include well-known authors such as Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All...book series; Stacy DeBroff, creator of Mom Central and author of The Mom Book Goes to School; and Elizabeth Pantley, author of Perfect Parenting and The No-Cry Sleep Solution. Each expert is working hard to contribute two dozen articles to the ClubMom.com database. I hope you will check out my expert profile page my first set of articles. The ClubMom.com site is in the process of being updated every day, so check back for the latest additions.

And finally, I am working hard to update my website. I am exploring the possibility of hosting podcast files right on MojoMom.com. The show will continue to be available free from Liberated Syndication and the iTunes podcast directory as well. The podcast has been so rewarding and I'd like to encourage more women to learn about this new kind of broadcasting, so I'll create a Podcasting FAQ as well. So around April 1, look for an update of my whole site.

I am very optimistic about the possibilities for 2006, and I keep reminding myself that when it comes to Mojo Mom, I have already won. I've really enjoyed making connections with Moms across the country and hearing back from readers. The Mojo Mom Podcast has become a real joy. Sheryl Grant and I look forward to our interviews each week and we've found that our conversations are fabulous way to strengthen our friendship as well as produce new content. When we sound like we're having fun, we are. Thanks for your support and please keep reading and listening!


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