Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Visiting Taronga Zoo

We're back from a fun yet exhausting day at Sydney's Taronga Zoo. I learned that when you painstakingly recreate the natural habitat of the animals, when you exhibit them they are really hard to see because they have camouflage to blend in the background. I'm still pretty tired though we've all made a valiant and surpisingly successful 2-day effort to conquer jet lag. I'm switching over to bullet-point speak.

Most impressive exhibits at the zoo: the lions and tigers.

Most impressive yet disturbing to me: the gorillas. I'd never seen gorillas in person before. They are so human-like. I truly felt like a voyeur looking in someone's living room window.

Koala bears: cute, but they sleep 20 hours a day, thus, they didn't do anything while we were watching.

Practical travel tip of the day: I think my daughter could get wearing one pair of pants on this whole trip, Hanna Andersson ribbon trim pants. They are indestructible and look great even after 3 days of almost constant wear. A great investment at $32--she wore her old pair for 1 and 1/2 years and finally outgrew them long before she outwore them.

I feel like I should have something more profound to say, but honestly, this is what's on my mind today!


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