Monday, October 24, 2005

Book review Let Your Life Speak by Parker J. Palmer

I have bought so many books from that it has become an excellent research tool for me. The intelligence knows me well enough to recommend new books I have never heard of before. I felt like I'd found a treasure when I read Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation. This is a great read for Mojo Moms and Dads alike. Palmer validated my world view of life as a journey to explore, not a ladder to climb. I don't ususally refer to my own work in my reviews, because that can easily cross into shameless self-promotion, but I thought that in this case it was relevant. I loved connecting on a basic level with an author whose life path was so different from mine. Here is an adaptation of my review:

Parker Palmer's work touched me on a deep level. He has helped me look at my life and vocation in a new way. The interesting thing for me personally is that I have just written a parenting guide called "Mojo Mom" that looks at the transformation of motherhood as a keystone step on life's journey. Motherhood gives a woman a chance to reflect on her career and vocation, and to align her life's work with her true self. Given that my focus is on motherhood, I was struck by how Parker Palmer's writing and core beliefs resonated with my own. He is a man of my father's generation, yet he connected with what I have come to think of as "mojo" or one's core source of power, commitment, and calling. I highly recommend "Let Your Life Speak" to all thoughtful seekers who are looking for a gentle guide and companion on the quest for our life's purpose--whether that is career, calling, or parenthood as vocation. People ask me for resources for fathers, and "Let Your Life Speak" would be an interesting read for men. One final note on this book: it is religious in the sense of being spiritiual in a very inclusive way. It is probably the first spiritual book that I have been eager to recommend without hesitation to anyone who is open to this approach, whether or not they identify with an organzied religion. I do not come from a Friends (Quaker) background, but I appreciate their wisdom and I am thankful for the chance to learn from Parker Palmer's experiences.


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