Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mojo Family Down Under

We've made it to Sydney, Australia. I am so tired that I won't write much because I can hardly type. Brief scoop: our trip from North Carolina--> Chicago--> San Francisco--> Sydney was gratifyingly smooth. We only experienced one near-meltdown when we had to wake up Little T. to change planes in San Francisco around 11 pm. I caught the save by giving her a piggy-back ride to our connecting flight.

The 14 hour flight from San Francisco to Sydney went without a hitch. The business class upgrade was definitely worth spending the frequent flyer miles. We got to be upstairs in the 747 which is really cool. The iPod is the best in-flight entertainment per ounce. Little T and I listened to 2/3 of Harry Potter on audio. What a great story to hear read out loud.
Then we all slept--a miracle.

Sydney is gorgeous. It reminds me so much of San Francisco with its sun & water, eucalyptus trees, and even parrots flying loose (native or escaped pets??). It was sunny and about 75 degrees this morning when we landed, and then it suddenly got very windy and rainy. From our hotel we can see the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and people pay big bucks to take a tour walking across the top arch(!). We can still see people up there in the raina and I couldn't imagine being stuck up there in blustery showers.

I am doing okay with the jet lag but it makes me literally feel very stupid. I had almost bought in to the time change, that it's supposed to be 2:20 on Tuesday afternoon, but then I turned on the computer and it says "Mon 10:27 pm." D'oh. Kind of broke the spell like when Christopher Reeve found the penny in his pocket in "Somewhere in Time." That's a nice obscure reference to end on. More tomorrow!


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