Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My carbon-neutral book tour

I'm doing a 25-city radio tour for my Mojo Mom book release this week, which has been just wonderful.

After 15 interviews in two days I am a bit burned out, even though I love radio. Doing fourteen interviews in two days is like a cross between the best cocktail party you've ever been to and Groundhog Day (the Bill Murray kind). I try to make each interview a little bit different, and of course the hosts have their own angles and personalities, but I do find myself explaining "What is mojo?" again and again.

I've been calling this my carbon-neutral book tour, because I am so grateful to be able to do this cross-country outreach by calling into the radio interviews from home. I can be in Jacksonville, Florida one hour, then Dallas, then San Francisco. So my husband Michael suggested that I actually use the Terra Pass carbon footprint calculator to see how much carbon dioxide would be produced if I flew to all these cities.

Yowza, just to cover the cities I "visited" yesterday and today, I would have had to fly over 17,000 miles, which would have generated over 12,000 pounds of CO2.

So long live radio, for so many reasons. It's the most effective form of outreach in my opinion. Even though I get tired in between segments, I get pretty fired up during the interviews. There is a real element of being in the moment.

And now, I can appreciate that I am saving wear and tear on the planet, as well as myself.

I'll also be doing several in-person events over the next few months, and I'll post those in a separate blog. I will also post links to archived copies of my radio interviews as they become available.

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