Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How is the economic crisis impacting you?

America has the economic crisis seared into it collective consciousness right now. And Moms are impacted greatly--whether it means you have to go back to work to make ends meet, recover from a layoff, or discover your kids' college fund just lost 30% of its value.

I'll be following this issue here on the Mojo Mom blog as events unfold. My question for today is to ask how specifically is the economic crisis is impacting your family, and what information would best help you get through this difficult time? I will be working on creating resources over the next several weeks.

I'd love to hear creative solutions as well. Necessity is the mother of invention for a reason. We are often the ones who have to figure out which knobs to tweak to make it all work for our families.

For example, my friend Perri Kersh came up with an awesome approach to creating a free summer camp program while still working four days a week. Perri is so creative that I'd love to attend her Girl Camp! Read more on Perri's Enough is Enough blog:

Invite 5 girls to participate (helps if they know each other at least a little so they’re excited to spend a week together). Ask each mom to take all 5 girls for just one day during a week of the summer. Plan fun activities (bookclub, journal writing, a compliments box where the girls can write nice things about each other, pool time, outside play time, craft activities, cooking…whatever you’re in the mood for), and you’re off and running. I am in love with this idea. It’s creative, keeps the girls moving, builds on their self esteem and a sense of community, and it’s FREE!

We’re doing one week of Girl Power camp this summer as an experiment. My daughter is already so excited–it’s like a week of playdates–what’s not to love? Plus, it provides me with 4 work days where I don’t have to arrange or pay for childcare. In this economy, what could be better? And as a super summer bonus, I can channel my inner camp counselor…but just for one day. Almost makes me excited about summer again.

Challenges, opportunities, problems, solutions. I am interested in hearing them all. My podcast co-host Sheryl Grant commented that she's dying to talk about this with friends but it's a sensitive topic to bring up. This is one converstation that might be most satisfying to share online.

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Anonymous Toronto real estate said...

Even though summer is long ways away, it's good to have some kind of plan for it, especially if you have kids. Instead of an expensive holiday this year I was thinking of "going into the wild" - basically going camping for at least a week with some friends that also have kids. I think camping can be both cheap and exciting!
Take care,

2:39 AM  
Blogger White Crayon Mom said...

Amy, I love the idea of Girl Power Camp! I know there are alot of creative moms out there who will think of great ways to spend a day with the girls.

My friend and I exchange child care as a form of getting free babysitting; plus, on nights when I have my friend's daughter, I have alot of fun watching the girls (age 2/almost 3) play together. It takes some of the pressure off me to be the entertainment all weekend long.


3:10 PM  

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