Thursday, September 11, 2008

Peace be with you

Today is a day that demanded solitude and rest.

I hadn't planned on offering up solitude and rest today, but my mind, body and spirit all got together to tell me that it was necessary. I felt drained from the normal ebb and flow of an intense week of writing, and thoughts of 9/11 kept coming to me, making me wonder how wounded and vulnerable we still are, in our spirits.

It's important to be aware of that inner vulnerability, because when people make big decisions in the midst of crisis, no one is operating at their best. I worry that our wounded spirits are making about our country's future that will not serve us well. Can we be brave enough to operate from love rather than fear?

I believe in healing, and I believe that each day almost always gives you what you need, if you are willing to pay attention and listen.

Today I tried a new feature on my iPod that created a new "Genius" playlist from songs in my library. I pushed play, and my headphones filled with a gorgeous song I didn't even know I had, one that filled my heart with a soothing balance of melancholy and love.

The song was Patty Griffin's Heavenly Day. It's one of those songs that is what it is and also contains its opposite, evoking a bittersweet love felt by someone who also knows heartbreak. Her Heavenly Day sounds like it could be the happiest or saddest day of her life. My thought about 9/11 as it relates to the song is that 9/11 was the saddest day, but we have to remember that as wounded as we still feel, we are fortunate that most of us in the United States have the privilege of living in relative safety and security. As we remember the past, let's prepare for the future. As we feel the hurt, let's continue with our healing. We can both honor those who were lost and move forward.

I hope that whatever you needed to get through this day has found its way into your life.



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