Thursday, July 03, 2008

A powerful coalition for caregiving

Yesterday I wrote that our best chance to get family caregiving taken seriously will be to create a coalition with Boomers facing the challenge of caring for their elderly parents.

This morning I discovered that The New York Times launched a new blog on July 1 called The New Old Age. The initial post by blog author Jane Gross clearly struck a nerve as evidenced by the fact that it has received over 550 comments so far.

In her follow-up to her first post, Gross said,

Striking to me in your responses is how desperately adult children want to do right by their parents, how desperately their parents want to spare them this burden, and how the American health care system and our government’s safety net for the elderly make this all but impossible for both generations at almost every turn.

The heartfelt sharing on The New Old Age blog sounds a lot like the caregiving conundrum that parents of young children face. I am saddened by the problems families encounter, but heartened at the possibility of creating a coalition. Let's work together on these issues. 77 million Boomers plus young parents? We could really get something done.

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Anonymous Linda said...

That coalition needs to be more than just the present and future family, friend, and kin caregivers. In order for the needs of caregivers to become a legislative issue, we need to get caregivers of all types to connect to help each other take better care of themselves and get legislators to notice. In 1 month, a site will be up. We will try and get family, friend, and kin caregivers to gather in one place. As a past caregiver of an aunt who died of breast cancer and a boomer slowly stepping in to help my elderly parents, I am passionate about the development of a social network to help caregivers get the support they need to stay healthy, emotionally stable, and not financially ruined through the process of caregiving.

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