Friday, May 09, 2008

My big week

I opened up my blog and couldn't believe I hadn't written since last Saturday. It's been a huge week.

On Tuesday, the election excitement in North Carolina got so intense that I felt like the kid who gets so worked up that she throws up on Christmas Eve. I had many friends report similar feelings that we were ready for the vote to actually happen.

Then we Obama supporters celebrated his massive victory. When the news reports percentage points, we can lose sight of acutal actual numbers involved: Obama won by more than 236,000 votes in our state. Clinton won Indiana by about 18,500 votes. I was really proud of the Obama volunteers throughout our North Carolina who helped deliver such decisive support as this primary comes down to the wire.

I was at the Tuesday night rally in Raleigh and I may post photos later. I got home late that evening and then up early the next morning to fly to New York to have a several meetings exploring the future of Mojo's all good so far.

I used to be intimidated by New York but now that I've finally spent time here over the past several years, I am really starting to enjoy it. I also have a big appearance coming up tomorrow that I'll write about in a separate blog post.

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