Thursday, July 26, 2007

Great "Harry Potter" Link

For all the families full of Harry Potter fans out there, once you have FINISHED the final book, you'll want to check out the Today Show conversation between Meredith Viera and J. K. Rowling. (It's a spoileriffic 3-parter that began this morning, so record it for later if you have to.)

Today/ also has an article detailing information that was cut from the book about the long-term fates of many of the characters.

I love knowing that Jo Rowling has much more in her head than she could include in the novels--and that she is willing to continue sharing that information even after the series is complete. She is reportedly going to come out with a Harry Potter Encyclopedia that gets the entire world and story down on the page. I hope she takes a well-deserved break first!

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