Friday, July 13, 2007

Welcome to Cooper & Emily's neighborhood,

Cooper Munroe and Emily McKhann are two of the most dynamic women I have ever met. They co-author a wonderful blog, Been There, which was turned into an instant community bulletin board providing relief opportunities to everyday people after Hurricane Katrina. I also know them from the Executive Team at

And now these two have launched a new website for Moms, Right out of the gate the site is professional and inviting. Before now, I have had very little desire or incentive to get involved in social networking sites, but I've been eagerly anticipating the launch of TheMotherhood for months now.

If anyone can create an intelligent, involving site for Moms, these two are the women to bet on!

And yes, they listed Mojo Mom on their blog ticker, which I really appreciate. This is a great feature for all of us who want to read the latest updates on other women's blogs but don't always have time to visit each individual site. It's like a news feed customized for Mojo Moms (if I do say so myself).

Seeing my blog listed on their site gave me a great kick in the pants to make sure I am writing here regularly. These days I have still been getting used to writing for both and (parent . thesis) on the uber-tech site CNET. I don't quite have the kinks worked out yet to tell me how to do it all. But you know I'll still be here. The summer months are both fun and trying as I patch the holes in my normal childcare schedule.

And I'll find time somehow to meet you on The Motherhood!

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Anonymous Emily said...

Amy, thank you soooooo much for your wonderful post and warm welcome right as goes live. You're one of the very first 'neighbors' to sign up and we appreciate your enthusiastic support enormously!!! And we love that even more people can find your great blog when they see your posts linked to on the Motherhood. We hope and dream that women can find exactly what they're looking for online, easily and with the help of other trusted mothers, like you!!!!

12:22 AM  

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