Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mojo Mom Podcast: Talking feminism with Deborah Siegel

I am starting to feel that being a member of Generation X is like being Jan Brady. I had always assumed that when our generation grew up we'd take the stage and be in charge. Now it looks to me like our biggest task for the years ahead may be to mediate between our cool older sister Marcia (the Boomers) and our upstart little sister Cindy (Gen Y)--and we'll never get the respect we think we deserve from either of them.

Luckily, we can count smart women like Deborah Siegel as one of our own. Deborah's new book Sisterhood Interrupted: From Radical Women to Grrls Gone Wild is one of the most readable histories of the modern women's movement that I have come across. These days our cultural arguments are not so much about fact as they are about narrative. What does the story of the second and third waves of feminism really mean? Where do we go from here? Whether you are a Marcia, Jan, or Cindy, Deborah does us all a great service by creating a narrative of the women's movement that explains the origins of rifts within the movement and between generations.

Deborah is my guest this week on The Mojo Mom Podcast. We talk about looking beyond mother-daughter drama to find ways that women of all ages can appreciate each other, in order to learn lessons of the past and work together in the future.

Stop by Deborah's blog, Girl With Pen, to learn more about the intergenerational panel discussion that she is taking on tour to college campuses this fall. On you can find out about additional upcoming book readings and events.

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