Friday, January 05, 2007

Here's to our Run-The-House Mom!

Nancy Pelosi has traveled quite a path in her life, from "Staying at Home" to "Running the House (of Representatives)."

I found myself tearing up as I watched her voted in as Speaker of the House yesterday. How great was it that so many people brought their families on the opening day of the new session? I loved seeing male legislators carrying their baby grandchildren around. I'd hope they carry some of that energy with them as they work to determine our futures.

I want to thank MojoMom blog reader Adena for pointing me to Ellen Goodman's new column about Pelosi's historic moment. Ellen Goodman and Anna Quindlen are my journalistic idols, role models right up there with leaders like Nancy Pelosi in my book.

Adena has just started a new blog, Jewish/Mother/Writer/Researcher/Artist/Etc. She sounds like a mojo mom after my own heart!


Blogger adena said...

Thank you, Amy, for your warm welcome to the blog-o-sphere. You made my day!

10:51 AM  

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