Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mojo Mom declares a War on Holidays

Research shows that women's stress levels go up during the holidays, but I bet most Moms didn't need a scientific survey to tell them that.

What are we supposed to do now that the holidays never end? I just came back from my local CVS drugstore, and the Christmas Candy/Card/Gift aisle has already been transformed into the Valentine's Candy/Card/Gift aisle. Disgusting! I am declaring a War on all Holidays in protest. No wonder our kids are getting fat and unhealthy--they are bombarded by "holiday" candy just about every day of the year.

Calgon, take me away! (If only it were that easy.)

I am going to try to end my 2006 blogging on a positive note, so luckily I still have 4 days to find great news to share.


Anonymous Perri Kersh said...

Perhaps it was the stress of trying NOT to over do it this holiday season that brought on strep throat Christmas day. At first I cursed my luck, but as I enjoyed my third nap and the relief brought on by heavy duty antibiotics yesterday, I realized that being sick on Christmas provides a nice break from the madness. My husband took over all parenting and household duties while I watched trashy television, caught up on my reading, and stayed in my pj's for 48 hours. It's a pathetic statement about our culture, but getting sick was like a mini-vacation for me!

I'll happily join your protest of holiday shopping that begins more than two weeks in advance of any given celebratory event (and I have to question whether Valentine's Day really qualifies as a holiday???). Can't we just visit our local CVS for some toothpaste, tampons and the latest issue of People Magazine in peace?

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Jen Walsh said...

I was trying to be so organized this Christmas as a full-time mom-teacher of three children (two of whom are toddler twins). As it happens, all five of us were sick (stomach flu variety) on Christmas day. We were all in pj's, napped and took care of whimpering kiddies, and had glorious bowls of cereal for dinner! Everyone keeps saying "How awful!", but it was one of the most peaceful days we spent all year. And, certainly, no one wanted to come and visit us!

I, too, was dismayed last night when I saw the aisles of Valentine's candy directly across from the 75% off Christmas items. We are so commercialized that I am wondering where it will all end.

6:37 AM  
Blogger MojoMom said...

Being sick is no fun but taking a break is. Sometimes it feels great to have the perfect excuse to let it all go and chill as a family.

I don't recall ever seeing Valentine's candy set up on December 27 before. I wonder if this is a new development. I have gone shopping for Halloween stuff in mid-October only to find that the Christmas displays have already taken over. Remember when the Christmas season started after Thanksgiving? I find it ironic that with our fast shipping, convenient internet ordering, etc. we start shopping earlier than ever. There is a lot of competition for those $$. I think it will end when we stop spending....not any time soon.

7:10 AM  
Blogger PunditMom said...

I've already brainwashed poor Rachel into repeating my comments about why the Christmas decorations are up in stores before it's even Halloween!

While there were probably too many gifts under the tree this year, we really mellowed out ... no holiday parties on Christmas Eve or Day, just hanging out together at home and then a few days in California. Unfortunately, I then got the stomach flu! :O How can you win?

2:04 PM  

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